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About Our Oregon-Based Material Handling & Pallet Racking Supply

The company JS Rack & Supply was founded in January 2020. In 2021, they purchased Krueger's Supply, a well-known warehouse shelving supplier in Portland, Oregon. Originally known as Krueger's Electronics, the trusted company became Krueger's Supply in 1969. Krueger's Supply is now in use as a division of JS Rack & Supply at the Estacada location.

Business owners Scott and Jason have been in this industry since 2002, and 2014 respectively. Cameron joined them in 2020. Together, they share combined decades of experience as pallet racking suppliers and installers. All are committed to providing top-notch products, both new and used with exceptional, friendly customer service.

We buy and sell warehouse pallet racking, storage equipment, and a wide range of organization products for warehouse storage. Whether you are near Estacada, Oregon; Boise, Idaho; or the surrounding areas, we can help you in one of our retail locations.

We also serve customers nationwide over the phone or online. You can always reach us by calling (503) 233-7791 or emailing us. We'd love to help, wherever you're located.


Our Mission

We are passionate about providing the best possible service so that people in all industries, as well as direct consumers, can get the material handling, storage equipment, and pallet racking that they need without any headaches or fuss. To achieve this, we put a good deal of our time into ensuring that the products we sell are high quality and that customers are getting the specific items that best fit their needs. We also provide demolition, conduct walk-throughs, and install products for our customers.

We stick with our customers every step of the way–from the first call to when the warehouse shelving inventory racks, mezzanine system, or cantilever rack shelving is up and running, and beyond

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Why Choose JS Rack & Supply?

Aside from our charming personalities, JS Rack & Supply is committed to providing prompt and honest service for our customers. We know that your time is valuable and you need a company that will look out for your best interest. We wear many hats in this industry and consider our business to range from manufacturer to wholesaler to general contractor.

On top of that, we are more than just pallet racking and material handling suppliers; we also provide all the services you need from seismic calculations, transportation, and installation to make your experience run smoothly.

We have found that having a central business like JS Rack & Supply performing all of these duties instead of our clients trying to coordinate multiple contractors makes for a simpler, more affordable, and more successful process for our customers. We walk with you from beginning to end.

We have done work in 38 states, ranging from our home base in Oregon all the way to Connecticut, and are happy to provide service to customers nationwide.

Our main location is in Estacada, Oregon, making us conveniently located for folks in the Portland, OR, and Boise, ID areas to visit our showrooms. So come on in for a visit, get a free quote, and coffee to boot. To our nationwide customers, call us at
 (503) 233-7791 (Pacific Northwest), (208)-499-0801 (Treasure Valley), or contact us online for current pricing.